Streamline Your Latam Market Expansion

Expand your brand and increase sales without the hassle.
We connect you with local e-commerce stores, streamlining the process and making it effortless and risk-free.

Why Choose Us?

Entering a new market is challenging, especially in Latam. It requires significant marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution efforts.
Then there is the language barrier, different currencies and regulatory compliance.

We understand those challenges and have developed a solution that revolutionises the process

Instant Access

Our app connects you with local e-commerce stores, giving you instant access to new markets.

Increased Revenue

Reach new customers through the e-commerce stores' established sales channels.

Risk-Free Inventory

Ship your goods to our Free Port warehouses without risk. You can ship them back any time.

How it Works

1. Connect Your Inventory

Connect your inventory to our Shopify e-commerce app. Instantly sync images, descriptions and prices.

2. Ship your products

Ship your products to our warehouses. We handle all local logistics, distribution, and compliance.

3. AI Matchmaking

Our AI Matchmaking algorithm will instantly match your products with local e-commerce stores.

4. Get paid with each sale

Each time an e-commerce store sells your products, you get paid automatically through our app integration. No need for monthly reconciling.

Book a call with us 🤙

We get it... A lot of questions. "How much will this cost me?" or "How does this integrate into Shopify?" Book a call, and we'll help you understand it all!

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